Our 1 month-long trip to the Dominican Republic

This winter, before all that Covid-19 craziness, we got to spend a month in the Dominican Republic.

I don’t like long winters in Pennsylvania where I can’t really go outside for a walk with kids because it’s just too cold. It’s also always a challenge to get outside of the house – clean the snow and ice off the car, put the snowsuits on kids (and that’s usually when everyone get tired and frustrated – before even leaving the house). And you know… all that fun.

So this winter I decided to go somewhere where I can wear my summer dresses, play with kids at the beach and have them in just their onesies/dresses, walk and swim and take sunbaths! I also really wanted to see my mom as she lives across the ocean and I don’t get to see her often.

We chose the Dominican Republic! My mom didn’t need a visa to go there and neither did us and it’s sunny and warm all year long there.

I’ll tell you more about the Dominican Republic in the next posts but in general, I loved living there!

The beaches are absolutely beautiful: white sand with yellow/pink tones, long thin palms, and light blue water…

Beautiful weather, yummy tropical fruits, and friendly people – how can’t you love the Dominican Republic?

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